Ajahn Heng

Dear  devotees of FGH, finally Aj Heng  has agree to put on the robe to assist devotees tiding through difficult moment in aspect of life. Armed with more than 15 years of experiences in chanting and sacred incantations, he is more than qualify to bestow blessings to devotees. And having serve Grand Master Ajahn Tong for over 15  years as close assistant he has both learned and personally received sacred teaching by our renown and most respected AJ Tong. His skills and knowledge in sak yant wicha was personally affirmed by  the current number 1 layman sak yant master Aj Prayot, during his current visit to Singapore. Aj Heng has follow the tradition laid down by Aj Tong strictly and having a jovial character and English spoken, he is able to relate more closely and clear in his deliverables. If you are currently facing difficulties in your life and wish for an alternative assistance, call for appointment.