Ajahn Tong


Ajahn Tong of Talat Phlu is widely regarded by many as the best Sak Yant master of our present era. Armed with 36 years of ecperience, the Grandmaster is well known within Sak Yant circles for his exquisite and efficacious Yant tattoos that possesses magical properties such as Kongkrapan (Invincibility), Klaew Klaad (Aversion of Danger) and Metta Mahaniyom (Great Popularity). Dedicating his life to the learning of Wicha, Meditation and Sak Yant, Ajahn Tong learnt 11 great Masters.

His masters include:

  • Ajahn Ha of Wong Wien Yai
    (Direct disciple of Luang Pa Suk Wat Makham-Tao)
  • Ajahn Tawil
  • Luang Phor Teck of Wat Se Mor Got
  • Ajahn Jek of Wat Bua Kuan, Nonburi
  • Ajahn Chun of Pa Ba Daeng
  • Ajahn Lod of Min Buri
  • Ajahn Chum of Wat Kao Or, Pattalung
  • Ajahn Singh (Sikh Meditation master of Bangkok)
  • Ajahn Pa Yung of Bangkok
  • Ajahn Tiang of Bangkok Noi
  • AjahnPu Tom of Suphan Buri



As a result, a great wealth of valuable knowledge is passed down from Ajahn Tong’s various masters to him. This acquired knowledge is then used by Ajahn Tong to consecrate holy amulets and create sacred Yant tattoos for his sidciples.

Due to his fame in the creation of sacred Yant tattoos, many people would visit Ajahn Tong’s samnak daily, to request for his help. He worked continuously without rest, often till very late at night, making sure his disciples’ needs were catered for. Such is the commitment shown by his great master of Sak Yant.


Over the years, numerous celebrities have received Yant tattoos from Ajahn Tong. Muay Thai luminaries such as WBC Middle Weight Muay Thai World Champion Yodsanklai Fairtex, WMC Middle Weight Intercontinental Champion Soren Mongkongtong and Vice President of the Oceania Muay Thai Federation Nugget McNaught all bear Ajahn Tong’s Yant Kru proudly on their body. International Supermodel and TV Celebrity Jaymee Ong is another bearer.

Despite his immense popularity worldwide, Ajahn Tong remains humble, down to earth and well loved by all his disciples – another addition to his legacy. Ajahn Tong is a True master who possesses a lot of Metta and Baramee.