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Sak Yant By Grand Master Ajahn Tong at FGH. / video

Grand Master Ajahn Tong tattoo his yant kru on his lusit  at FGH Singapore. The function of his Yant Kru is for protection. If you are interested or would like to know more about the subject, kindly contact us at 63398121/62917244.

Blessing by Grand Master Ajahn Tong at FGH. / video

Grand Master Ajahn Tong is doing the full blessing after he sak the Lesi Sirmin Pai on this guy . His sound like a Tiger. Awesome……

Blessing by Grand Master Ajahn Tong at FGH. / video

Blessing by Grand Master Ajahn Tong at FGH Singapore

Grand Master Ajahn Tong is doing charging up ( blessing) of the yants for his lusit. If you are interested kindly call us at 63398121/62917244. Cheers.

Blessing of Sak Yant by LP Heng at Fo Guang Hang / video

Long Phor Heng from Wat Tham Toh.

Wat Tham Toh, Phetchabun a simple temple situated at the foot of a mountain surrounded by a small farming community is where Long Phor Heng hail from.

Long Phor Heng is currently in his 50s having a compassionate heart to help people have always been pursuing thai magical knowledge to aid people through their everyday lives. It is this compassion & keen interest that led him to seek out many acclaimed masters to learn from. One of which most notably being Grand Master Ajahn Tong whom seeing Long Phor’s genuity & sincerity, imparted his knowledge & skills to Long Phor. (FYI, Long Phor has been a disciple of Ajahn Tong for 20 over years already ).

In such a quiet temple environment free from the noise / distractions of a bustling city environment, Long Phor spend most of his time in self cultivation as well as putting what he have learnt into practical usage by sak yant, doing takurts / amulets, blessing etc for all devotees that visits him.Functions are protection,raising of luck, enhancement of wealth & approachability etc for them. Long Phor sincerity & utmost efforts in helping individual have gained him a wide following of devotees, some of which travels 100 + kilos just to receive sak yant & blessings from Long Phor. Villagers have nothing but praises for Long Phor’s efficacious items & sak yant. Most of the time prior to the release of amulets & takurts of Long Phor, it has already been fully prebooked by devotees.


Fo Guang Hang is proud to present Long Phor Heng at our shop for all devotees who would like to have a chance to know Long Phor and to enhance & boost all individual needs.

Services include: Sak Yant tattoos, gold foil blessings, home & car blessings, customized takurt, boosting of luck as well as the availability of Long Phor amulets & takurts for sale.

Pls feel free to drop by Fo Guang Hang or contact our staff. Should you have any enquiries so that you can understand more about the service provided. We look forwards to assisting you & helping to fulfill the individual needs & wants.

Sak Yant Tattoo (Fo Guang Hang) / video