Feng Shui Master David

Master David Tang is an internationally renowned Geomancy Master with 20 over years of experience.

Whether it is a new house or an existing residence, good Feng Shui will create a harmonic environment for you and your family. Good Feng Shui promotes the enhancement in the areas of happiness , career, health, romance and etc….

Master David Tang also provide personal calculation ( reading) of individual lucks in the year 2015. Calculation of wedding  dates. Calculation of baby names.

Price : @ HDB Flat.  3 room at $388.  @ 4 room at $488 @ 5 room at $588.

Price : Calculation of individual luck  in the  year 2015 @ $88.

Price : Calculation of wedding dates @ $68.

Price: Calculation of baby names @ $88.

For condo or  other types of house  Feng Shui  enquiries  or appointment, kindly contact us at 63398121/62917244.

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