The Procedure

Feng shui sword

Do a preliminary study of the “feng-shui” of the places you spend most of your time in, e.g. your home, your shop unit, your office.

Use the “five elements” (“五行”) and “Eight elements” (“八卦”) to combine your unique Personal Life Energy (“命卦”) with the “feng-shui” of the place. From this, derive what aspects of the layout are beneficial to you and what are the harmful influences. This will differ for each individual because each of us has a different Personal Life Energy, decided by our birth daye, time and place.

Do What is necessary to enhance the beneficial elements that bring us ‘good luck’ while reducing the harmful elements that cause ‘bad luck’. Increase the strength of your positive magnetic field while weakening the effect of negative currents. This may involve rearranging your place, adding or removing certain items from your place, or wearing something on you.

Of course while these 3 steps may sound simple or even straightforward, the knowledge and skills required, for e.g. to identify what are beneficial and harmful influences, takes years of studying and actual hands-on experience to acquire. That is precisely why we’re here to help, to lend our knowledge to help you achieve harmony with Nature and to better your life.