The Purpose

The Yant Tattoos

In the initial stage, Yant tattoos were mainly worn by Thai Buddhist monks. Travelling vast distance to practice Meditation and educating lay people on the Buddhist precepts, majority of them traveled on foot.

Sometimes after a whole day of continuous walking, the monks might end in the wilderness at night. They must be prepared to sleep on their back with nothing but the sky for a blanket and the grassy or sandy earth as bed. The monks traveled everywhere, including remote mountainous area or secluded valleys. Once nightfall, the monks would have no choice but to sleep in the wild with whatever beasts and snakes that lived there.


One of the Buddhist precepts is not to take any lives. The Buddhists believes that every grass, flower, tree, crawly insect, bird in the sky, mammal on land, fish in the sea, has a soul. Buddhists do not hurt anything that has a soul. The Thai Buddhist monks were especially austere about this and obeyed the precept to the extent that even if a wild beast attacked them, they would not even consider retaliating.

As such, it was evident that some sort of protection was necessary. This explains the requirement for the monks to learn some basic Buddhist mantras which will aid them in their survival. On top of this, the monks also had additional protection from the specially designed tattoos they bear on their bodies. These tattoos help avert calamities, award off evil spirits, and help one avoid harm.


In modern times, Sak Yant is no longer exclusive to the monks alone. Sak Yant is an ancient skill, power and language that no modern technology can explain or replace. It represents the essence and magnitude of powers that inherently exist in the world we live in, waiting to be tapped. These natural powers exist to assist us by helping us avoid troubles or bad luck. Buddhist monks, through their learning, are people who are able to tap into these natural powers and it is through them that we can come to benefit.

Based on the earliest scriptures that teach about religious tattooing, in the realm of religious tattooing, there is no unachievable goal. This is because these powers mingle with the wishes of the believers. Whatever they wish will be reflected in the tattoo. As long as there is a certain level of faith, nothing is impossible.

However, this does not mean that those whose heart wishes for evil or mischief will be aided by the tattoos and become invincible. Do not forget that another important Buddhist belief is that of Karma, and reincarnation. What goes around comes around. It is all a matter of time before Karma catches up on those who bear evil thoughts.

But if you have accumulated some bad karma in your previous life, or in the earlier part of this life, and now you are repentant and your heart wishes to atone, Sak Yant can help you lessen or even dispel the negativity of any previous bad karma and give you a fresh start. It is never too late to learn from your mistake.

Sak Yant can help everybody. This is because there is an infinite number of mantras, yantras and other Buddhist images/ symbols that can be used during Sak Yant. However not everyone of them suits every individual. What is right for you may not be right for your friend. But these mantras, yantras and images/ symbols can be combined to create different results and it is different combinations that allow Sk Yany to help devotee who seek help and blessings.